WSC Halfpipe Contest was awesome!

Category: Evenement

What a great competition! Awesome riders, nice people and a great vibe!
Thanks for all the support! We hope to see you all again in 2017!

The dutch news for children made a great item with the youngest skateboarders of our contest. Check it out!

On The Roll also made a sick edit

Pictures made by Mirthe vd Berk can be found here! 

Roel van der Aa took some awesome pics!

More to follow..

For those who are still curious: THE RESULTS!

Inline competition:

1. Roel Fritz
2. Pavel Mitrege
3. Erik Droogh
4. Daan Hammerstein
5. Jaro Frijn

Best Trick: Jaro Frijn, 540 BS Royale

Skateboard competition:

1. Jesse Thomas
2. Jussi Korhonen
3. Johannes Thurn
4. Alex Griffiths
5. Lars Stout

Best Trick: Jesse Thomas, Lean varial Lipslide

And let’s not forget the Moonshine skateboards prizes!

Keet Oldenbeuving: Only girl in the skateboard competition
Diego Broest: Youngest participant
Kiki Nix: Highly placed participant without sponsors